Richard Curry

Director of Business Development

RICHARD (DICK) CURRY is an American who was born and raised overseas, which brings a diverse cultural attitude to his work and has enabled him to become an accomplished leader, manager, motivator and communicator. Dick is a graduate from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a BS degree in Industrial Relations. He offers more than three decades of accomplishment and experience in the Service Industry, primarily in the Janitorial and Maintenance sector.

Dick began his career in Worldwide Logistics and ultimately transitioned into the Building Maintenance Industry, working his way through accounting functions, controllerships, operations management, and executive management. He has served at senior levels with several of the world’s largest facility maintenance organizations, a boutique investment bank, and private consulting. Dick resides in Houston, Texas, has three wonderful daughters, is an avid motorcyclist, and an amateur Roman historian.


  • One of ISS’s youngest managers to be appointed a President over a joint venture and business entity
  • Responsible for one of the fastest sell side transactions—from Marketing to Close in 30 days


  • Grew up in Venezuela, Libya, Iran, and Switzerland before attending college in the US
  • An avid motorcyclist, dog owner, and a poor—but nonetheless enthusiastic—golfer
  • Member of a college band who once opened for Seals and Crofts