Buy a Business

Buying a business can be the best investment you ever make.  It can also be your most expensive mistake.  Whether you are a small business looking to expand, a large corporation or private equity fund seeking your next accretive investment, or an individual interested in business ownership for the first time, you can improve your outcomes and save money over the long-term by seeking professional guidance through the acquisition process.
For Small Business Owners
As a small business owner, you know you can only squeeze so much growth out of your existing operations.  As growth starts to slow, savvy owners seek new acquisitions.  Whether you are seeking a new product line or technology, or simply want to expand your footprint, acquiring an existing business yields a stronger return on your investment and a higher success rate than building something from scratch.  
Caber Hill offers customized solutions for small business owners seeking their next deal.  Some companies seek advice from square one, and we'll help you define your acquisition criteria, execute a search, and complete a transaction.  Other clients come to us with a specific acquisition in mind and simply want a second opinion about the valuation or deal structure.  
For Corporations & Investors
At Caber Hill, we possess expertise in the dynamics of consolidating industries.  If your company (or one in your portfolio) is seeking add-on acquisitions, put our experience to work for you.  
Most corporations lack the resources to fully invest in M&A.  Why hire an expensive corporate development department that may or may not produce results, when you can rely on experts who are willing to share in the risk and align their compensation with the outcomes they produce?  We offer both retained and finders fee advisory services that can increase your deal flow.  And, in most cases we will cost you less over the long-term than an in-house M&A team.  Not only do we defer a material portion of our fees to closing, but our fees can also be capitalized as transaction expenses and therefore do not hit your P&L, improving your EBITDA.  
Where else can you find such a win-win opportunity?
For Individuals
As an individual attempting to buy a business, you may be taking the biggest financial risk of your life.  You can't learn M&A in books or the classroom, and nothing can replace the experience gained from completing several transactions.  Why roll the dice?
We offer a la carte advisory to individuals buying companies.  Whether you just need valuation guidance or require assistance throughout the acquisition process, we will help ensure that you don't just buy any business, you buy the right business.


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