Sell-side Advisory is the core service offered by Caber Hill, and the majority of our clients are small business owners who hire us to help them sell their businesses.
If you own a business generating between $1 & $50 million in revenue, where do you turn when it's time to sell your company?  Your business may be too large and sophisticated for a local business broker, yet it's likely too small to cover the minimum fees required by full service investment banks.  We created Caber Hill to fill that gap.
We modeled our sell-side advisory services on our collective experiences witnessing the best and worst practices in the field of M&A.  Having worked on the buyer side before entering business brokerage, we saw a few companies sell for premiums and several get taken advantage of by savvy buyers.  We also experienced working with numerous business brokers, witnessing first-hand the varying degrees of quality in the industry.  Finally, working primarily on the seller's side at other M&A firms, we developed methodologies that resulted in success rates that exceed industry averages.
Our Methodology
Our approach to selling a business starts with the valuation.  The #1 reason companies don't sell is incorrect pricing (and most of the time it's not because they are under-priced).  We conduct a thorough analysis of the business, the market conditions, and the buyer landscape, and present multiple scenarios as the price tends to vary based on both the deal structure and the type of buyer.  We then work with our clients to understand their objectives for the deal, so we can price the business accordingly and seek the buyer who we agree will be the best fit.
Our goal is always to sell a company for a premium, and achieving this goal requires understanding the appropriate valuation range for the business, developing detailed models that outline the future prospects for the business, and presenting it the right way.  This approach has proven effective; we compared our results to published averages for several industries, and in each case our clients have sold for double-digit premiums.  
The rest of our process unfolds in a logical fashion.  First, we develop extensive presentation materials for use in marketing the business and engaging interested buyers.  This includes the creation of a Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM), also known as "the book".  Our CIM's are 25+ pages in length, and contain all of the information a buyer needs to know in order to properly evaluate a business.  They also explain the future outlook for the business, highlighting opportunities for revenue growth, cost containment, and margin expansion.
We take a proactive approach to marketing the business. Rather than creating a listing and hoping the phone rings, we actively engage potential buyers through every medium possible - contacts within our network, social media, local advertising, national publications, and "business for sale" listing services.  We also carefully pre-qualify each potential buyer, screening them to make sure they are capable of meeting our valuation expectations and requiring them to sign strict confidentiality agreements.
Once buyers are identified, our goal is to cultivate an auction process that generates multiple offers and maximizes the value of each offer we receive.  One offer is nice and two are very good; however, we aim for three or more for each client in order to drive value and provide the seller an opportunity to choose among several options.
Once an offer is accepted and we move into due diligence, we work alongside our client and their accountants and attorneys in order to move the deal through to closing.  We can't replace an attorney, but our deep transactional knowledge allows us to streamline the process, in turn reducing both the overall transaction costs and the time it takes to close.  
Throughout the entire process, our incentives are aligned with our client's objectives.  The vast majority of our fees are contingent upon successfully closing a transaction, creating a true partnership focused on delivering results.