Is your company experiencing growth challenges?  Are you unable to decide whether it makes more sense to expand organically, via acquisition, or otherwise?  

Our solution-driven business development services will help you take your business to new heights.  In addition to our traditional, M&A-oriented advisory services, we have helped companies overcome significant growth challenges.  Recent projects included:
  • A European healthcare startup with a business model blending online patient acquisition, e-commerce, and a referral network of physical practices decided to enter the U.S. for the first time. They retained us to help deploy their business model and we provided both strategic and tactical guidance, advising them on how to "Americanize" their value proposition while also helping them build a team and forge relationships with the best private practices in key U.S. markets.
  • A medical device distributor was about to miss it's quota for the second year in a row, and the owner risked losing the distributorship.  Our analysis of the company determined that the problem was directly linked to the sales teams' structure and incentives.  We worked alongside the senior management team to realign territories and introduce a new, performance-based compensation plan.  The company has experienced double digit growth each year since and is still using the tools we implemented.
  • A mail order company selling big ticket items was losing money and market share at a rapid rate.  Growth was slowing as more consumers turned to the internet or chose to visit brick and mortar stores for their purchases.  The owners wanted to sell the company but couldn't due to their financial performance.  We evaluated the company and determined that their most valuable asset, their customer list, was being extremely under-utilized and undervalued.  Proving the value of the customer list would be key to eventually being able to sell the company.  We helped the company enter into strategic partnerships with the companies that we felt would be the best fit to ultimately acquire our client.  The partnerships would capitalize on the customer list, unlocking new sources of revenue while also proving to these potential buyers just how much value the list contained.