In response to the Covid-19 pandemic and the resulting financial distress on numerous small and middle marketing companies, we are adjusting our service lines to support clients where they most need our help. In addition to our traditional services, we are offering the following:

Debt Restructuring & Re-Financing

You may be able to consolidate multiple loans into one, reduce your interest rate, extend payment terms, increase the amount of financing available to you – or all of the above. We can assess your options and arrange for new or restructured debt by creating an offering memorandum and making the market for lenders to bid on your business.

Short-Term Financing

Several short-term financing options exist, including factoring (the sale of accounts receivable or purchase orders) and bridge loans (short-term loans designed to be refinanced in under 12 months). These loans inject liquidity into a business to provide for short-term cash needs.  We can evaluate your business, recommend options, create a presentation for lenders, and make the market for lenders to bid on your business.

Cash Management & Budgeting

Cash flow is the biggest concern when business slows or is forced closed altogether. You need to make quick decisions about your team - can you keep making payroll or will you announce a furlough? You need to triage monthly bills, separating essential and non-essential vendors. You may need to alter your full-long forecast and communicate any changes to lenders or investors. We can help you budget for these turbulent times and provide an objective perspective on your tough decisions. We can also aid you in creating new forecasts and developing any lender and shareholder presentations so you can spend your time on more critical tasks.

Sell-Side Readiness

If you originally planned to sell your business in 2020 or 2021, now is the time to double down on your sale preparation efforts. We typically work with our clients for months, and in some cases years, to improve their companies and their ability to receive maximum value in a sale. Our guidance generally revolves around financial reporting, business analytics, organizational structure, and capital structure. These areas become increasingly important when you’re preparing to emerge from a crisis in sell-mode.