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"Craig Castelli and the Caber Hill team are the most organized, knowledgeable, and detail oriented transactional advisory firm that I work with.  Craig's thoroughness, transparency and advocacy for his clients are truly second to none.  I have successfully completed many transactions with Craig, and recommend him without hesitation."
- Jeff Dickenson, VP Corporate Development, Connect Hearing

"After receiving numerous offers to buy the practice in a short period of time, I am confident that I made the best choice, not only for myself but also for my staff, my patients, and the Cincinnati community. I’d like to thank the Caber Hill team for the invaluable guidance they provided throughout the sale process. I had met Dr. Teague prior to retaining Caber Hill, and yet I couldn’t imagine trying to sell a practice without their support and expertise."
- Barb Rozzo, Hearing Consultants

“In February of 2015 we sold our multi-million dollar turf care business of 30 years. As one may imagine, many challenges can and will arise. This being a family owned business, the anxiety level can get high. We needed someone to help and we found that person in Peter Holton.”
- Larry Dorsey, Dorsey Services

"Craig Castelli is Top-Notch! When I needed my practiced appraised I used Craig and his Caber Hill team. I found them prompt, professional and thorough, and the results fantastic! I highly recommend that you tap Craig's knowledge and experience in practice sales if you are considering selling your practice!"
- Dr. Jim Cutler, Cutler Eye Care

"I found your knowledge and skill instrumental piloting through the transition process. Buying and selling a business requires stepping through many land mines but you and your team know how to navigate to the other side safely.“
- Bob Armbruster, Clean Team

“We’re an active buyer of veterinary practices and look at several each month. There is a clear difference between those practices that are represented by an advisor and those that aren’t. I’ve known Craig for over 15 years and I highly recommend talking to him before deciding to sell your practice.”
- Mike Cooper, Chairman, Southern Veterinary Partners

"The first surprise came with the extraordinary and in-depth business valuation Craig generated. I received more information about the financial health of my business than during the course of my 23 year ownership. It underscored the reason I became an Audiologist and not an Accountant. When the time came to set the asking price my response was “Yeah, right!” Imagine my embarrassment when I was offered more than the asking price…. I can only make the highest recommendation for Craig Castelli. Selling a business requires stepping through many mine fields but Craig can take you through safely to the other side.”
- Stephen D. Gannaway, Advanced Hearing Systems

“Craig is extremely smart and analytical, and unlike many advisors or brokers in this space, commands credibility and trust almost immediately. Many of the people with whom we interacted during the process, whom Craig approached on his own but with whom did not end up striking a deal still went out of their way to voluntarily share with me how much they enjoyed working with Craig.”
- Julie Bashkin, Founder & CEO, KLUTCHclub and KC Brands

“There comes a time when you just want to know, what is my business worth? What would I do with it? What are my exit options? Talking to them about that alone is worth it.”
- Tom Bunker, Green Expectations Landscaping Co.

“Thanks Craig. The material was thorough and well presented (nice job as I rarely see books put together as tightly).”
- Senior VP Strategy, WebMD

“I wanted to personally thank you… I found your professional knowledge and skill instrumental in navigating through the complexities of our agreement.”
- Jason Petty, B&P Hearing Aid Company

“Thanks Craig, wish they were all this easy.”
- Business Unit CEO, billion-dollar private company

“In retrospect, I wish we had involved you much earlier in the process.”
- Satisfied Client